The last thing you need is another program.
We know that.

You don’t need more regularly scheduled meetings and commitments. ScoreA’s™ is about activating the potential of student athlete relationships, not about running a new program that demands a ton of your time.

We believe young people have the power to be the answer to their own academic challenges. When students learn how to lift each other over academic walls, they develop the most valuable skills on the planet. We’re talking about honesty, empathy, teamwork and the ability to truly add value to another person’s future.

ScoreA’s is an athlete to athlete tutoring philosophy that helps teammates lift each other to academic success. Athletes who are personally committed to attending college but are struggling with grades can seek and receive encouragement, support and mentorship from willing and able teammates. ScoreA’s is school and student led as we provide guidance and training materials for everyone involved. ScoreA’s helps to make sure the team gets over the wall together.


ScoreA's - Participant Spreadsheet

ScoreA's - Participant Spreadsheet



"I felt there was no better way to demonstrate teamwork than by asking teammates to help their teammates achieve academic success."