Getting Started

Identify a staff person or volunteer to lead the program.

The ScoreA’s™ program leader introduces the program to the athletic department and coaches to gauge interest and desire.

Teams that want to implement the program are identified and the program leader introduces the idea to the student athletes through a very personal team meeting.

The Program


Once your school has identified a program leader and they've gauged interest with the athletic department and coaches, the program leader can follow the steps below to launch the Score A's program.


Athletes Step Up

ScoreA’s Program Leader shares the idea with each team; resources such as a video and website are provided to help communicate about the program.

Student athletes self-identify as needing assistance in specific topic(s). Teammates with the skills and interest volunteer to tutor a struggling teammate.

This is a student driven process. The leader is there to simply facilitate, support and reinforce goals.


Basic Training

Tutors complete 2 training steps:

1 ) Interview a favorite teacher about how to be a good tutor and ask them to be available for questions as the student-athlete experiences tutoring over the school year.

2 ) Read the article and watch the “being a tutor” video on the ScoreA’s website.


Students to be tutored complete 3 training steps:

1 ) Read the article and watch the “being tutored” video on the ScoreA’s website.

2 ) Meet with the teacher of the class they are seeking help in to communicate a commitment to raising their grade. This step is an opportunity to ask this teacher to be involved with goal setting.

3 ) Schedule a meeting with their academic advisor to learn more about resources that are available to her/him in the school to support the tutoring. The advisor provides a baseline of the ScoreA’s student-athlete’s current grade point and a path to achieving the minimum requirements necessary to be considered by a technical school, two-year college, and/or four-year university. Advisors also set forth the likely ACT test results threshold necessary to be considered by each educational alternative, resources available to prepare for ACT testing and ACT test schedules


Deploy Athletes

Students schedule time to meet. The school’s existing schedule will present opportunities and limitations. Students should work within that structure to schedule time together. 

Check in with ScoreA’s social media and website for tips on how to make the most of tutoring sessions. 

Quiz and exam results are shared with tutors to chart progress against goals and ScoreA’s decide if they want to continue.

At the end of the testing period, student-athletes share with the ScoreA’s program leader if they want to continue with the program and offer program feedback if desired.